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The cannabis industry has been missing a high level qualitative market research team, so we assembled one


Introducing VidShow

VidShow is a superior remote video service specifically designed for ethnographic research and observation. Elevate your research beyond Zoom conferencing platforms with unique features and live services. Work with a team of researchers that can handle the tech, so you can focus on your study.

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Live Immersion

A more immersive way of observation and conducting research of all types, including remote UX observation of apps and live observation directly from consumers

Live Support

A tech producer and tech assistant are observing all research projects and provide live support

Fully Customizable

Most remote research tools are plug and play, whereas VidShow is fully customizable by the Mosaic Insights team based on your research goals and study needs

Security & Privacy

VidShow uses a peer-to-peer network connection using end-to-end encryption to protect consumer and business information


I had the great pleasure of partnering with Mosaic Insights on a pilot program I established on my team

I had the great pleasure of partnering with Mosaic Insights on a pilot program I established on my team at Facebook.

We set up a system where UX Researchers could send raw video files from research sessions to the team and they would produce thematic video clips of the research sessions. The magic here was that because Mosaic Insights has a background in research, he needed very little guidance from researchers on which clips to create.

Adam Bronsther – Sr. UX Researcher at NVIDIA


We’re Different

The Mosaic Insights team has spent a collective 10+ years working alongside world class market research teams and cannabis industry professionals, to define efficient and actionable consumer insight studies in the cannabis space. Our team of insights professionals can create a custom research plan based on the needs of your business and let you hear from your consumers directly.

“I am often left figuring out tech issues on my own”

Clients complain about a lack of technical support during interviews, but with VidShow, every project is assigned a live producer to be on standby, ready to troubleshoot any technical issues that might come up, so you can focus on the and while we worry about the tech

“Other systems can be very rigid and I have to adapt my research to their system”

Most available services are plug and play, whereas VidShow is fully customizable based on what’s most effective for your study. This can include; UX observation, immersive studies of homes or dispensaries, and one-on-one or focus groups

“Video conferencing isn’t collaborative with my respondents”

There are times when studies require quant or collaborative activities such as interacting with digital whiteboards and user-submitted footage, which our team can easily facilitate

Mosaic Insight’s background in research gives them a sharp sense of what is critical to capture vs. what’s auxiliary

Mosaic Insight’s background in research gives him a sharp sense of what is critical to capture and put forward, vs. what’s auxiliary

The team’s flexibility while conducting research in challenging and dynamic situations is unwavering. They’re always adapting and optimizing to ensure the best results are supported.

Nick Lange, UX Researcher at Google


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